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I'm working on JIRA issue VCL-400.  It is to change the list of unassigned VMs 
for a vmhost to only display VMs that the user has administer access to 
instead of all unassigned VMs.

The way the page currently works is that you can see any vmhosts you have 
administer access to.  Then, you can see any VMs assigned to that host and any 
VMs unassigned to that host, regardless of whether or not you have administer 
access to those VMs (both assigned and unassigned).  Unassigned VMs that you 
don't have access to should not show up in the list - that's pretty clear and 
is what VCL-400 addresses.  However, the question arises of whether or not VMs 
that you don't have access to should show up in the assigned VMs list, meaning 
you have administer access to the vmhost but not administer access to a VM 
assigned to it.  So, I'm wondering what other people think:

(1)-Should you be able to remove a VM from a vmhost when you have administer 
access to the host but not to the VM?

(2)-If so, once you remove it, it shouldn't later appear in the unassigned 
list because you don't have access to it.  So, it's kind of like it just 
disappears.  How should that be handled?  Maybe a warning box that pops up 
saying you won't be able to reassign it if you remove it?

(3)-Alternative - Assigned VMs you don't have access to are displayed 
elsewhere on the page so you know they are on the host, but you aren't given 
the option of removing them.

Keep in mind that you cannot immediately remove a VM that currently has a 
reservation on it - you can only schedule it to be removed at the end of the 

At the moment, I'm okay with either (2) with the warning box or (3).  What do 
others think?

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