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I cc'd the vcl-dev list.

The URL you included was wrong.  listener.py does provide status for partimage 
as well.  I updated it.

However, xcat does not use listener.py to determine when a node is 
successfully loaded.  updateflag.awk is a postscript that connects back to 
xcatd on the management node to tell it the node has finished installing.  
updateflag.awk is called from the partimageng postscript.  That's where you'll 
need to start to debug why it gets stuck in a reinstall loop.


On Monday September 26, 2011, Sunil Venkatesh wrote:
> Hi Josh,
> In regard to getting Power7 to work with VCL, I have observed a scenario in
> respect to the node restore/install operation. Following link states that
> listener.py currently supports only gives partimage-ng status and not
> partimage.
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/VCL/Adding+support+for+partimag
> e+and+partimage-ng+to+xCAT+2.x+%28unofficial%29
> Since, I was having problems with compiling partimage-ng for ppc, I have
> been using the partimage tool for capture & restore. Although the capture
> status is obtained by the vcl daemon by monitoring for the *.capturedone
> file, the status of restore/load/install on a node is not received
> consistently, and hence, even though the node has been restored, on the
> next boot the restore process repeats as the nodeset command hasn't been
> executed for a normal boot operation. Since, this process keep recurring,
> the restore process fails at certain times. Is there anyway I can make the
> restore/load status to be received more consistently? Please let me know
> if your inputs regarding the same.
> Thanking you,
> Regards,
> Sunil
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