Hello to all.  I've been tasked with building out and managing a VCL
implementation that will utilize VMWare ESXi 4.1 hypervisors across 5
separate servers.  I have trolled the existing documentation and listserv
archive, but I have two burning questions:

1. I've read in another thread that VCL doesn't have load balancing
capabilities per se as part of the scheduler.  How does VCL equalize the
load of virtual machines across several hypervisors?

2. I've found that the "free" VMWare hypervisor 4.1 license caps out at one
physical processor (with 6 cores). Are most folks running a non-free VMWare
license alongside VCL?

I greatly appreciate any assistance that current VCL users and the dev team
can provide!


*Mike Haudenschild*
Education Systems Manager
Longsight Group
(740) 599-5005 x809

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