We are using VCL 2.2 and VMware ESX 4.1, and the "VM Disk" value is set to 
"networkdisk" in the VM host profile parameter.

We found an inaccuracy with the "estimated load time" 
when using "Imaging reservation", and hope for some improvement.

We understand that the "estimated load time" is calculating the remaining time, 
based on the average load time from the past results.

I suppose, that this logic works accurate for "Normal reservation", 
but for "Imaging reservation", we guess that a proccess not counted 
for the "estimated load time" is added. 
We think that a proccess for copying the "image file" are added to 
the whole proccess, and this is taking more then 10 or 20 minutes 
after "Est: 1 min remaining" is shown in the "Current Reservations" page.

We hope for an improvent on this "estimated load time". 
Maybe discriminating the logic to calculate the "estimated load time" of 
"Normal reservation" and "Imaging reservation" may make it simple. 
Please tell us your opinion and please consider about it.

Thank you.


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