You are correct about the code that estimates the load time for imaging 
reservations in VCL 2.2.  We have largely changed how VM disk files are 
managed since then.  I don't remember at the moment if those changes were 
included in 2.2.1 or not.  They will definitely be in 2.3.  Now, normal 
reservations and imaging reservations are handled pretty much the same way for 
VMs.  There is still a missing part about knowing if the image files need to 
be transferred from the image repository to the VM datastore.  However, the 
information needed to compute that is not in the database before a reservation 
is made.  So, unless we add which images are stored in which datastores to the 
database, that cannot be included in the initial estimated load time.

However, we do have plans to completely rework how the detailed loading 
information is done so that it is much more accurate and flexible.  After we 
do that, any information about image file transfers will at least be included 
in the detailed loading information and will be reflected in the estimated 
time remaining on the Current Reservations page.  I'm not sure if this will be 
included in 2.3 or not.  I'd guess more toward it not being included so we can 
just try to get 2.3 out as soon as possible.


On Monday January 23, 2012 9:41:46 PM Satoshi KOBAYASHI wrote:
> Hello.
> We are using VCL 2.2 and VMware ESX 4.1, and the "VM Disk" value is set to
> "networkdisk" in the VM host profile parameter.
> We found an inaccuracy with the "estimated load time"
> when using "Imaging reservation", and hope for some improvement.
> We understand that the "estimated load time" is calculating the remaining
> time, based on the average load time from the past results.
> I suppose, that this logic works accurate for "Normal reservation",
> but for "Imaging reservation", we guess that a proccess not counted
> for the "estimated load time" is added.
> We think that a proccess for copying the "image file" are added to
> the whole proccess, and this is taking more then 10 or 20 minutes
> after "Est: 1 min remaining" is shown in the "Current Reservations" page.
> We hope for an improvent on this "estimated load time".
> Maybe discriminating the logic to calculate the "estimated load time" of
> "Normal reservation" and "Imaging reservation" may make it simple.
> Please tell us your opinion and please consider about it.
> Thank you.
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