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> I've been hearing interest in an "icon on the desktop" type of access to
> VCL.

  I've also heard about interest - but there are several different
venues in which this might be  used.

>The idea being that you could have some kind of broker script/app that
> can be run which will interact with the VCL API to create a VCL
> reservation,  wait on it to be deployed,

  This covers at least two different situations. For classroom use,
there is usually going to be a block reservation and so there will no
waiting for deployment - and this may be the optimum situation for an

  If there is a substantial waiting time for an ad  hoc reservation
(possibly over 10 minutes) then I think the icon approach loses some
of its value.

>and then connect to the reserved
> system (ideally without requiring the user to log in to the reserved
> system).

  This is almost true with the RDP Client (obtained from
Microsoft.com) which I  use on my Mac. I just double click the RDP
file icon and it takes care of the login. I'm not sure why this
doesn't seem to work on Windows computers. (There are a number of
versions of the RDP client and of the operating systems involved and I
haven't checked them all.)

>That app could then just be launched through an icon to gain access
> to a VCL provisioned system.
> Several years ago,  I wrote something along the lines of this in python/tk.
> That was more of a proof of concept and would need a good bit of work to be
> useful to others.
> I'm starting this thread to start gathering information on who is interested
> in this idea and what requirements you would have for it. I'd also like to
> know if anyone would be interested in helping with the development of it.
> So, if you have any interest in this,  please reply to this thread with
> -requirements you would have

  As Art pointed out, there are security aspects to consider. From the
classroom aspect - we have to be concerned about whether this is a
multi-user machine, or a single-user machine.

> -how you would envision it to work

  Will it be set to login to a pre-assigned image, or will the user be
free to select?

> -any interest in development of it

--henry schaffer

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