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Hey Mike,

I had a similar issue with Cygwin.

Basically, I installed Cygwin when I created the image. Over
the course of time I patched the OS, but not Cygwin.
This caused problems.

I eventually removed Cygwin, and reinstalled it (had to
re-run the Cygwin patch up stuff again).

(Pay close attention to who you are actually 'logged in as'
when installing Cygwin. I think I needed to be 'root')

Anyway, a reinstall of Cygwin helped me out.

Hope this helps,


On 2/29/2012 10:41 AM, Mike Haudenschild wrote:
> Good afternoon, devs --
> I've been experiencing slower than expected reservation provisioning times
> on a VCL infrastructure that uses a SAN for all storage (all ESXi, on
> blades).  I first noticed it when I'd click the "Connect!" button on a
> reservation and the RDP connection wouldn't open the first time.
>  Restarting the RDP client 15-30 seconds later, the connection would
> succeed.
> Watching vcld.log, I found that connecting to the Cygwin shell from the
> management node was taking 6-10 seconds (whereas the same connections on
> servers using local-disk storage take 1-2 seconds).  I can replicate the
> behavior running ssh -i /etc/vcl/vcl.key <target machine> from the
> management node.
> It really hit home when I started a bash shell LOCALLY (with bash --login
> -i -x) on a target Windows VM and watched how long it took just to get to a
> bash prompt.  Each of the startup scripts took a long time.  (I'm not
> running bash-completion, a common complaint about slow Cygwin shell
> startups.)
> I *think* -- requesting confirmation of this -- that each time the
> management node wants to issue a command to a remote computer it initiates
> a new SSH connection, then closes that connection when the command finishes
> processing.  Is that accurate?  If so, that would mean that those 6-10
> seconds would be compounded several times over while the management node
> prepares the remote computer for my reservation.  I'm currently
> investigating moving Cygwin into a RAMdisk on the VM images, but that only
> makes sense if the above assumption about multiple SSH sessions is accurate.
> The latency on the SAN connection is very low, and ESXi reports that
> latencies on the virtural disks are slow.  I have /etc/hosts set up, DNS
> resolves fine, and pings between the management node and VMs are fine.
> Has anyone else run into any similar behavior with Cygwin?
> Many thanks,
> Mike
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