The other issue you will need to consider relates to how users authenticate. If 
you use LDAP, whenever the updateLDAPUser() method is called, the email field 
is overwritten with the value received from the LDAP server. The same applies 
to Shibboleth authentication, though here, updateShibUser() is the method in 
question. Either way, for every non-local user account, the email address is, 
by default, overwritten in the database whenever the user logs in. 

So in addition to userpreferences.php, you will also need to modify the 
relevant file in .ht-inc/authmethods.


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On Mar 2, 2012, at 8:14 AM, Satoshi KOBAYASHI wrote:

> Hello.
> At present, the e-mail address displayed at the "User Preferences" page 
> is a "read only" field.  We are thinking that allowing users to change 
> the e-mail address by themselves will make it more convenint.  
> To do this, we speculate that editing the "userpreferences.php", 
> to change the e-mail address field editable, and to post it to the database 
> will work it out.
> Please help us if there are anything to consider by making this change.
> Thank you.
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