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I think this is a good idea, especially for local accounts.  For LDAP based 
accounts, the code will look for the email address from LDAP.  If it doesn't 
find it, I believe it will set it to a default based on what is in conf.php.  
There are 2 ways I might go about dealing with that.

1) Add an extra field to the user table - "emailcustom" that is a boolean.  If 
a user manually sets his password, then set emailcustom to 1, and never 
overwrite the email address with something from LDAP.

2) Always allow the email address to be updated from LDAP if it is provided, 
but if it is not provided, never update it and only set it to the default when 
the account is initially added to the user table.

Those are just some suggestions of things to think about.

When you finish this, I'd love to see it contributed back.  :)


On Friday, March 02, 2012 10:14:03 PM Satoshi KOBAYASHI wrote:
> Hello.
> At present, the e-mail address displayed at the "User Preferences" page
> is a "read only" field.  We are thinking that allowing users to change
> the e-mail address by themselves will make it more convenint.
> To do this, we speculate that editing the "userpreferences.php",
> to change the e-mail address field editable, and to post it to the database
> will work it out. Please help us if there are anything to consider by
> making this change.
> Thank you.
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