Neal Xiong and I worked on some testing code using Matlab using VCL 2.1 (and 2.2.1). A simple script loop was run with intermediate output being displayed to screen, or with intermediate output suppressed (and just the final result being displayed).

A small iteration runtime might takes 30-40 seconds (e.g. when "counting by 10" to 5,000) and having all intermediate results displayed to screen.

When we suppressed that intermediate results display (and just the final result was displayed), the runtime dropped to 1-2 seconds.

Did seem to bear out the fact that asking VCL implementation to display interactive type results (at least in our testing of images of Matlab on Windows XP or 7) using RDP, would need to consider user display output as a factor to be considered.


On Apr 16, 2012, at 1:26 PM, Aaron Peeler wrote:

We've just started testing a third party RDP accelerator called Ericom Blaze.
Ericom has been around for a while, and I've talked with others who
are using it successfully.

Personally, I've not had a chance to test it with GIS, but have tested
it with Solidworks CAD renderings and we've seen a much better
performance over RDP.


On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 12:11 PM, Mark Gardner <> wrote:
Just curious, has anyone tried using VNC to see if it helps. If I
remember correctly, VNC has the capability to refresh a subset of the
screen and hence may perform better.


On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 12:05 PM, Alexander Patterson
<> wrote:
We have the same issue here with the GIS software. It's due to RDP has to refresh the whole screen shot. The GIS software works much better with like a Cirtix or VMware VDI that doesVmware PCoip that only needs to fresh the
parts thats being used.

RDP does has it's down faults.


On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 6:56 AM, Mike Haudenschild < >wrote:

Hi Amit,

There will definitely be delays in screen refresh rates as a result of the RDP connection, so if, for example, you're dragging a map or other objects you may notice some lag. You might try adjusting Windows visual settings
for "best performance" from the System control panel.

There are also "performance" settings on the RDP client itself. Try opening Remote Desktop Connection and manually entering the connection information -- depending upon your platform, the RDP client settings for
performance will be in a different tab.

GIS software can also be doing a lot of number crunching. (Confirm the specs in Windows System control panel on the client VM if you haven't already to make sure the proper resources are assigned by VCL.) Have you run any other applications in the VM/VCL environment that experience
similar issues?


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On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 09:40, Kumar, Amit H. <> wrote:

Dear All,

I have run into issues of software(GIS) being slower on VCL as opposed to
Laptop. Although I have 8GB RAM and 2 vCPU assigned for this VM,
of few tests resulted in poor performance on VCL. It could be the nature
GIS and RDP or something else.

I have tried to isolate GIS vm's onto one blade and no other vm's end up
on this blade.

Any ideas or options on how could I track this down to identify what
cause this.

Thank you,

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