I have created a new issue under the VCL project for developing a cloud
broker tool for VCL. This goal of this tool is to enable VCL users to
specify their requirements via policies. For instance, they can specify
their security needs, their software needs etc. using a web interface. The
broker tool will discover the VCL image that best matches these policies. The
users (or broker tool ) can then issue a reservation for that particular
image. This feature will be very useful for instances where the VCL user is
not sure which VCL image will best match their needs.
I have attached slides that explain our methodology for cloud service
I have also included a high level architecture diagram of the tool and look
forward to any feedback on the design.

Karuna Pande Joshi
PhD Candidate,
kjos...@umbc.edu,  karuna.jo...@umbc.edu

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