On May 31, 2012, at 11:51 AM, Josh Thompson wrote:

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> Aaron,
> You're not being a stick in the mud.  I think it's great that you tested it 
> well enough to find a few things that need to be corrected - that's the whole 
> point of having a community vote to do a release.  I definitely consider the 
> Shibboleth issue big enough to cut a new RC (even though that requires a new 
> vote).
> All,
> Aaron has some good points.  I think we should fix the issues he mentioned 
> and 
> cut RC2 for 2.3.  This isn't an official vote process, but please share any 
> thoughts you have.

As release manager, you are free to CANCEL the vote at any time. But discussion 
and consensus are definitely good things.


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