I was finally able to (successfully) test the fixes for the xCAT2 module with 
the latest version of xCAT as well as the issue of emailing 

So, here we go again with RC3.  (I'm starting to feel like the boy who cried 

I created a release artifact based off of trunk.  I copied trunk to a tag
under the tags area of the repo that is named release-2.3-RC3:


The artifact is an export from that tag with the addition of Dojo Toolkit
version 1.6.1 with a custom VCL profile bundled in the web code.  The
artifact, MD5 and SHA1 sums, and my GPG signature of it are available from my
space on people.a.o:


The list of resolved JIRA issues associated with this release can be found
under Change Log on the VCL 2.3 release page:


Installation instructions are on the Confluence site and in the INSTALLATION
file included in the artifact.

The only testing I did with RC3 was related to xCAT and watching what emails 
went out.  Nothing else changed from RC2.

The directory created by extracting the RC3 artifact is
"apache-VCL-2.3-RC3-incubating" (after extracting, you may want to rename it
to "apache-VCL-2.3-incubating" so you can copy and paste all of the commands
in the installation guide).  Licensing information about perl and its required
modules, php and its required modules, and mysql are stated as "system
requirements" according to the information under "System Requirements" on

Please vote by the end of the day on Tuesday, June 12th to publish this
release (this allows for 3 business days to vote).  Please note that anyone in
the VCL community is allowed to vote.

+1 yes, release VCL 2.3
 0 dunno
-1 no, don't release VCL 2.3 (provide reasons if this is your vote)

Josh Thompson
VCL Developer
North Carolina State University

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