On Jun 6, 2012, at 2:24 PM, Andy Kurth wrote:

> I don't think there can be any conditionals when the actual vote takes
> place.  However, we first need to propose the charter on the general
> incubator list and allow time for discussion.  I propose adding his
> name to the charter and proposing it on the incubator list.  Mention
> that his ICLA is currently being worked on and the vote won't begin
> until the ICLA is on file.  If the ICLA can't be done in a timely
> matter his name will be removed and than the vote will begin.  I
> believe we can always add him to the project later as if we are adding
> a new committer.

ICLA, id creation, and svn karma should all be in place, now. So, shouldn't be 
a hold up.

Board meeting is the 20th. Allowing enough time for a IPMC vote (and any 
discussions that it triggers), we're running very short on time. Suggest you 
turn the discussion into a vote, soon.


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