Will the computer name not changing cause performance problems?  I've noticed 
that a message stating "Duplicate Name exists on the network" shows on the vm 
when you view it through ESXi, which leads me to wonder if this is an issue. 


>>> Andy Kurth <> 10/19/10 4:25 PM >>>
Currently, the computer name is only changed if Sysprep is enabled.  I would
like to add the ability to control whether or not the name gets changes
independent from Sysprep and created an issue a few weeks ago:


Kelly Robinson wrote:
> At what point in the provisioning of the vm does the netbios name get changed 
> for each vm?  I've noticed that the our vms are retaining the netbios name of 
> the base image.  I see in the code that there is a script called 
> set_computer_name.vbs that works if you have wsname.exe in place (which we 
> do), but the computer is supposed to get a random name even if this the 
> wsname.exe utility is not available.  What could be the possible issue?
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