Good evening everybody,

We are installing xCAT in an ordinary PC (x86_64) and we are experiencing
some problems with the “rpower” command that returned an output saying the
connection is refused.

We are not experts in xCAT but we are hoping to get you assistance.

Thank you

2010/12/21 Henry E Schaffer <>

> Josh Thompson writes:
> > ... but as far as I know, it can control
> > bladecenters and anything that can be controlled via IPMI.
>   Since Ehsan Shahrokhi asked about
> > > Does xcat support other x86 hardwares of servers such as ordinary pc's
> and
> > > servers?  ...
>  It's probably worth noting that many (most, all?) ordinary pc's don't
> support IPMI, and not all servers do - and even boxes which support IPMI
> may not support it in exactly the way xCAT expects.
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> --henry schaffer

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