Thank you Guys for all the info. This gives me something to think about and 
plan for our ever-growing 
VCL cloud.

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Andy mentioned the VCL running Elluminate Live in one context - we also are 
using the VCL with Elluminate in a Disaster Recovery mode in an interesting way.

If the campus is closed for any reason [insert any disaster scenario here] and 
it is desired to continue teaching face to face courses (which are the majority 
of all of our courses) this can be done online.  That is, this can be done 
online if we have a sufficient number of synchronous meeting servers available 
(we've been using Elluminate, but it could be any such

How many servers? Dozens, hundreds? It makes no financial sense to buy and 
install them and keep them there "just in case". Here's where the VCL can take 
over and handle this - with one image of the server software in storage. When 
required, it can be loaded on any number of servers and the instructors and 
students can all be online from home and the courses continue.

Of course, this use would displace some other uses - and that has to be 
arranged - but most of the student use for homework and projects is somewhat 
flexible - and likely can be displaced into the 10pm-10am lower use half of the 
day. The degree to which some uses are displaced to make place for others is a 
policy issue, and the VCL can be used for this.


On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 8:19 PM, Sanders, Arbin D <> wrote:

> All,****
> ** **
> I am apologize in advance for posting to both groups but I think each 
> one has its own unique info and opinions. As NCCU goes into the new 
> fiscal year, I am looking at acquiring more hardware and software for 
> NCCU VCL project. Do any of you all have other uses for VCL other than 
> HPC and Virtual Desktops?****
> ** **
> Thanks in advance!****
> ** **
> *Arbin Darren Sanders*

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