I have a pilot VCL setup with a VMware ESXi hypervisor.  The hypervisor
mounts a read-only NFS export from the VCL management node as
"nfs-repository".  Now I'm trying to stage and capture my first VM

I've just finished creating a Linux system that I'd like to use as my
template.  I'm following the instructions at:


I get confused at "Add a New Image to the VCL Database".

Does the "Image ID" matter, or can I just enter any number there that I
want, provided it isn't already listed as the image ID of another

Does the image name correspond to the filename of the VM disk image on
my NFS filesystem?  Or is it just a name?  If it's just a name, how do
we associate the virtual disk image with the image record?  (I'm
confused because the example "vmwarelinux-base8-v1" doesn't look like
the name of a VMware virtual disk, but I don't know what else it could

The instructions say, "OS: Linux under VMWare - NOTE: If you are using
something else, make sure you set OSid to correctly match the OS table."
Where is that OS table?  Part of VMware, part of VCL, somewhere else...?

The instructions don't say anything about how to stage the template
image.  Should I just scp it to my VCL management node's NFS share?

Finally, at the bottom of the instructions, we have "start vcld".  If
vcld is already running, does it need to be restarted in order to notice
the new image?  Or is that assuming that I don't already have a running
vcl system?

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