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On Tuesday, June 26, 2012 8:27:07 AM Michael Jinks wrote:
> It
> looks like Aaron got it right when he directed me to the configuration
> settings for the management node, where public-side IP configuration is
> set to "Static", that apparently means "set the public IP to match the
> listed value for the private IP", clearly not what we want.  My question
> now is what to do instead; how to get a static (or effectively static,
> i.e. predictable) IP address for deployed machines without using that
> setting.


VCL always needs fixed DHCP on the private network.  For the public network, 
"static" means that once sshd is up on a node on the private interface, VCL 
will connect to the node across the private network and set the public IP on 
the public interface to what is in the database at computer.IPaddress (the 
public address) for that node.  It should not be setting the public address to 
what is in the database at computer.privateIPaddress.

Prior to 2.3 (unreleased), you can only set the private address of a node when 
you initially add it, and only using the "add multiple computers" part of the 
site (hint: you can actually add a single computer using the "add multiple" 
pages). For any nodes you already have in the database, you will need to 
change the private IP address directly in the database if so desired.

So, you should be able to obtain your goal using the "static" setting.

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