Over in sysadmin-discuss I went fishing[1] for interest in console
management mechanisms to hide the differences between the various
console implementations for LDOMs, Zones, xVM, ILOM, ALOM, etc.

A couple people have suggested in follow-ups that there may be common
work between the vconsole project and what I was talking about.  Being
familiar with virtual consoles offered by Linux (require KVM) and
having managed lots of text-based (9600,8,n,1) consoles in data center
environments, I am not sure that I see the overlap.

I am *not* after a mechanism where I am at the keyboard (either direct
attach or remote KVM) and I can use keyboard sequences to switch
between a fairly limited (less than 1000) number of virtual consoles
on that one machine.

I am after a mechanism that is able to remove the need for products
such as the Cyclades TS series[2] for connecting to network-capable
*LOM devices and is able to extend such functionality to connect to
zone consoles (zlogin -C <zonename>), LDOM consoles (telnet localhost
<port>), 15k/25k consoles (console -d <domain>), etc.

What do the people involved in the vconsole project think?  Is there
more to this project than I had initially thought, making it so that
there is overlap?


1. http://www.opensolaris.org/jive/thread.jspa?threadID=41950&tstart=0
2.  I have nothing against the Cyclades product line.  It has served
me well for a very long time.

Mike Gerdts

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