Hi there,
I am trying to use JumpStart as an installation method and everything is fine, 
except that I have to interact two times with the process.   I configured a 
DHCP server and also the corresponding boot and install servers for JumpStart.  
 All, servers and clients, are Sun Fire V20z boxes.

Here are the interactions I have to make:
1. I use the Service Processor of the client to boot the box, and, when the 
BIOS is running, I have to type "Esc then  Shift+2" (if no console is used, the 
equivalent is F12)... here I am using a console provided by the Service 
Processor (SP).  I woul dlike to sent instructions from the SP to the BIOS to 
boot immediately without human interaction.
2. One the box boots from network, I got this:

SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_118855-14 32-bit
Copyright 1983-2005 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Use is subject to license terms.
Configuring devices.

    1.     Solaris Interactive (default)
    2.     Custom JumpStart
    3.     Solaris Interactive Text (Desktop session)
    4.     Solaris Interactive Text (Console session)
    5.     Apply driver updates
    6.     Single user shell

and then, I have to choose the second option which is Custom JumpStart.   Here 
is my second human interaction.

After this second interaction, everything is fine with the installation because 
the definitions in my sysidcfg file.   Could somebody help me to eliminate this 
two human interactions (or at less the second one) from my JumpStart 

Best regards,
- Hugo
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