I'm afraid alias for installation is better for this topic.

Hugo Hernandez wrote:

>Hi there,
>I am trying to use JumpStart as an installation method and everything is fine, 
>except that I have to interact two times with the process.   I configured a 
>DHCP server and also the corresponding boot and install servers for JumpStart. 
>  All, servers and clients, are Sun Fire V20z boxes.
>Here are the interactions I have to make:
>1. I use the Service Processor of the client to boot the box, and, when the 
>BIOS is running, I have to type "Esc then  Shift+2" (if no console is used, 
>the equivalent is F12)... here I am using a console provided by the Service 
>Processor (SP).  I woul dlike to sent instructions from the SP to the BIOS to 
>boot immediately without human interaction.
>2. One the box boots from network, I got this:
>SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_118855-14 32-bit
>Copyright 1983-2005 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
>Use is subject to license terms.
>Configuring devices.
>    1.     Solaris Interactive (default)
>    2.     Custom JumpStart
>    3.     Solaris Interactive Text (Desktop session)
>    4.     Solaris Interactive Text (Console session)
>    5.     Apply driver updates
>    6.     Single user shell
>and then, I have to choose the second option which is Custom JumpStart.   Here 
>is my second human interaction.
>After this second interaction, everything is fine with the installation 
>because the definitions in my sysidcfg file.   Could somebody help me to 
>eliminate this two human interactions (or at less the second one) from my 
>JumpStart installation?
>Best regards,
>- Hugo
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