One of the things I'd like to do is to validate an import by exporting
it and comparing it against the original fast-import stream. Right now,
that generally won't work across tools because there's a lot of
flexibility about things are exported. So, I'm thinking something like
this would be cool:

  (do the export from the source tool ->
  (do the import into the destination tool)
  (do the export from the destination tool ->
  fast-import-filter --normal form >
  fast-import-filter --normal-form >
  (Hooray - it all matches)

Make sense?

So what would "normal form" looks like? Well, that's the point of this
email - to get some input on that. I'd thinking of something like:

* progress and checkpoint messages removed
* all tag commands last, sorted by tag name
* all blobs inline
* all file-commands ordered in some agreed way, e.g. deletes, modifies,
  renames, copies and alphabetically sorted within each group.
* ???

Thoughts? Volunteers to do the work? :-)

Ian C.

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