also sprach Juliano F. Ravasi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.08.26.2207 +0100]:
> > If you are fine with the slow speed and all the other limitations
> > of Subversion, give it a shot. I haven't, and I wouldn't touch it
> > because I don't trust Subversion.
> Gratuitous Subversion bashing?

Not intended, no.

> May I ask why you don't "trust" Subversion?

It has corrupted my repositories often. I was using Subversion for
about 3 or 4 years.

> What? Are you sure you meant that? You can't use the filesystem if
> you are not connected?

So you have a centralised repository. What do you do when you are on
an airplane? How do you write to the filesystem?

> distribution is needed). In fact, I already knew that git and hg
> would fail for the task, since I already knew them very well for
> SCM before starting my vcs-home experiments.

I use Git for homedir versioning. How does it fail for you?

> code projects (only files and not directories are important, no
> need to support unicode filenames, most files are very small,
> etc). That is

Git supports unicode filenames and binary files as large as you want

Anyway, as I said a couple of times in all different places: use the
tool that suits you. You wanted feedback on fsvs and I told you what
I thought of it. I am also interested in what your experiences are
or will be!

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