On Thu, 11 Mar 2010 13:02:23 +0100, martin f krafft <madd...@madduck.net> wrote:

> I wonder what these offer that GNU stow or xstow couldn't do.

I never thought of using stow for that before, so thanks for
mentioning it.

There are probably some benefits to having a specialized tool that does
not require extensive customization.  At least the conversion from _foo
to ~/.foo is done automagically with steve kemp's dotfile manager. So
for example

| rocinante:~ % ls -dF .dotfiles/*zsh* 
| .dotfiles/zsh/        .dotfiles/_zshenv

This links _zshenv into a dotfile, but not the directory zsh.  Maybe you
don't care about this feature, or even consider it a bug, but steve
obviously wanted it.

Stow is something like 300k installed, versus 9k for dotfile-manager.  
xstow I don't know feature wise, but is clearly more work to install
(for people running some primitive system that is not Debian :) ).

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