Klaus Ethgen wrote:
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> Am Fr den  2. Dez 2011 um 21:54 schrieb Klaus Ethgen:
> > Not only that, also a "git annex fsck" will bring it back. But I wonder
> > where it gets the description and ID of the old remote.
> Now I have the same problem but only way around.
> I did create a new git and annex. Filled it with annexed content and
> pushed all to a second new created repository.
> Now I cloned the first to an other machine and did git annex init Blafoo
> inside. After push I was thinking that everything is ok. But it wasn't.
> Every time I fsck or add new files or otherwise do annex stuff it trows
> out the cloned repository from trust.log and uuid.log.
> I use version 3.20111122 from Debian at the moment.

I don't entirely understand your description of the problem.
I'd appreciate a proper bug report with full details; transcripts, etc.

> That leads me again to the question where annex do have its store what
> it like and what not?


see shy jo

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