On Sat, Jan 14, 2012 at 14:35, Vincent Demeester <vinc...@demeester.fr> wrote:

> Simple and efficient (at least better than my hook-support branch).
> In my opinion it would just need more hook (in init and/or clone).

Give me a list or just commit on top of my branch. I don't really need
hooks and this was just a test so I just tossed them into the obvious
places I could test most easily.

What does everyone else think? Any hooks you would like to see?

FWIW, Dieter told me via IRC that he was referring to the docs, not
actual code restraints. I will reword to make it more obvious that you
can append whatever you like. I accidentally a word in the manpage
anyway so I will need to edit it in either case.

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