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> - Is the hook(s) sourced or executed ?

I am leaning towards execution, but I am undecided either way.

> - Is it possible to stack hooks automatically

I think it should be.

> (or by writing something in the
>  hook) ?

That's trivial, but meh.

> And the next question would be where to the `run_hook` ?
> At first sight, I thought at start and end of each function: pre-init and 
> post-
> init for the init method, etc.
> But, what about the clone function for example : by using a naive approach the
> hook « graph call » would be : pre-clone, pre-init, post-init, post-clone. 
> That
> work for my use case (as I just need to write a post-init hook) but what if 
> the
> need is to run a hook after the `git fetch` in clone and before the `git 
> merge`.

We will just need to come up with a list of possible places. Littering
does not make sense, but we can always add hooks later.

> Finally, about the ability to enable/disable hook like the system that couples
> vcsh and mr, that could be very good, but I'm not sure to see how the 
> filesystem
> would be ; something like $VCSH_HOOK_D/available.d/… and
> $VCSH_HOOK_D/config.d/… ?

Something like that, yes.

vcsh would then get the ability to list, enable and disable hooks. Think

  vcsh enable-hook zsh/pre-commit

or similar.

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