Hi Joey,

I just thought to check with you on either the idea itself sounds any

in the frame of NeuroDebian we package "data" packages which are usually
quite large in size... there were numerous previous discussions on
viable ways to gain some convenience/size tradeoff, e.g. how to not
duplicate 1GB of data in .orig and .deb files.  But now that you
equipped us with git-annex , it might be time to research for new ways?

just a blunt idea -- what if 3.0 (git) format (with which I haven't
played before either) gets extended to provide git-annex'ed .git with
references to publicly (and local for buildds) available annex-ed
remotes and original urls (added via git annex addurl).  Then by
dropping of all load from .git  within .orig we achieve small
size, while providing ways to fetch the original load either from urls,
or git-annex-ed remotes.

Does it sound any sensible?
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