On Sun, Mar 04, 2012 at 04:11:31PM GMT, Adam Spiers wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 12:28 PM, Raf Czlonka <r...@linuxstuff.pl> wrote:
> > Yes, I'm aware of that. However, ControlMaster without ControlPersist is
> > not very useful and the default to "no" for the latter doesn't isn't
> > either IMHO - neither for automated tasks, not for interactive session.
> > That's why I always set it to "0".
> Now I'm puzzled.  Setting it to "0" will prevent the connection ever
> timing out, right?  In which case, if you were affected by that bug,
> mr would permanently hang.  So presumably you're not affected by it.

Fat fingers (keypad), should have been "1" ;^)
You are right, the connection doesn't time out if set to "0".

IMHO, ControlPersist is still missing an option to terminate the
connection STRAIGHT after the last client disconnects without locking
the terminal from which the first connection originated.
The only way this will work is if every subsequent connections exits
before the initial one is terminated.
Now, all we have "no" for "don't go to background", "yes" for "stay in
background indefinitely, until terminated manually" and "n" for
"terminate after n seconds" with "n -eg 1". What about "exit straight
after last connection terminates". I do appreciate the fast that "0"
might confuse since it usually means "never" but that what else would
make sense, "wait", "last", "zero"?

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