Sean Whitton wrote:
> 2) I currently split my e-mail into my current inbox and folders, a
> few hundred megabytes, and 5GB of archives removed by the archivemail
> script.  It would be much more useful to have my archives stored
> locally, for easier searching, backed up to S3 somehow.  Anyone got
> any vcshome-style experience of storing e-mails?  Git on a Maildir,
> git-annex on mboxes?  Any recommendations appreciated.

I archive my mail to compressed mboxes, one per month. If I used maildir
it'd flirt with running out of inodes or exceeding the number of files
git can comfortably scale to. And it would probably waste rather a lot
of space. The main disadvantage of mbox for me is that notmuch does
not support it. I use mairix instead.

I am not using git-annex for it yet because this predates git-annex, and
the 1 gb that ~/mail/.git is wasting has not yet been space that I
strongly needed for something else. I do anticipate switching it to
git-annex eventually. I've been meaning to start keeping an archive of
all incoming mail (even spam), before mutt gets a chance to delete some
of it, and that will grow a lot faster and will need to use git-annex.

see shy jo

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