I just installed and tryied dvcs-autosync 0.5 from Debian. Is anybody actively 
using and developing this? I like the idea, but the software still needs a lot 
of serious work. Do you think it's worth pushing dvcs-autosync forward or are 
there better alternatives/approaches?

My notes so far so I don't forget them:

- It should use the namespace dvcs-autosync for folders in .config, .local 
rather then the generic autosync which would also be consistent with the 
package name.

- It should call logrotate from time to time to clean up old log files

- Pidfiles should be written somewhere in /tmp. It seems there's no standard 
for a /run/ folder for users?!?

- I don't like writing any XMPP password in a config file.

- I'd like some way to trigger a git pull since I've not yet set up XMPP. 
Otherwise I need to manually kill the autosync process, git pull and start it 

- dvcs-autosync should properly daemonize by itself instead. There surely must 
be python libraries for that?


Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro
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