On 15-02-10, Richard Hartmann wrote:
On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 2:12 PM, Mark Stillwell <mark...@fortawesome.org> wrote:
Note that the version of vcsh that is packaged with some versions of ubuntu
has a bug in it, so that it will look for hooks in
$XDH_CONFIG_HOME/vcsh/hooks-enabled rather than
$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/vcsh/hooks-enabled. The easiest fix is just to set

Ugh... Would anyone happen to know how backports for Ubuntu work?

PS, Tom, I looked at your original request on github and saw that you had already discounted the sparse checkout option. I don't know of any way to alias some files within a repository to an alternative path without changing the repository root. The best thing that I could think of would be checking out to independent directories under $HOME/.config/ and then configuring a hook to automatically populate links in home...but then, if you did that you wouldn't need vcsh in the first place.

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