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>but I guess I should've spelled it out:
>1. I create repo=vcsh-bash to VC files including ~/.bash* . I add a
>~/README.rst to make it available to its remote/web repo, then commit
>and push.
>2. I create repo=vcsh-emacs to VC files including ~/.authinfo ,
>~/bin/emacsclient_helper.sh , ~/emacs/init.el , etc . I rewrite
>~/README.rst to make that available to the remote for vcsh-emacs, then
>commit and push.
>3. I make a change to ~/.bashrc , which I seek to commit to vcsh-bash.
>`vcsh vcsh-bash status` shows as modified=
>* ~/.bashrc    : that I intend
>* ~/README.rst : that I want to avoid
>So do you see how the above is "input-oriented," or am I unclear, or am
>I missing something?

This is really hard to achieve.. There will be only one README.rst in ~/. You 
would have to chechout the correct file when you want to edit it (vcsh 
vcsh-bash run git checkout README.rst.. Right ?

>By contrast, note I'm OK with the following, "output-oriented" usecase
>(which ISTM is what you're trying to answer): on a fresh machine, I
>1. Clone vcsh-bash. This *outputs* or creates ~/README.rst , which I
>must delete.
>2. Clone vcsh-emacs. This again outputs ~/README.rst , which again I
>must delete.
>Net: I don't much care if my repo *outputs* ~/README.rst post-commit ,
>I just don't want to hafta *input* ~/README.rst , pre-commit, to avoid
>problems with the vcsh equivalents of `git diff` and `git status`.

If you setup a vcsh hook at the 'correct' time (i.e. between the init and the 
first fetch) that will set-up the repository with sparseCheckout to ignore the 
README(s), you won't even have to think about seeing README.rst in git status 
and git diff. The downsides of this approach is that you have to create/edit 
the README "outside" ~/ and vcsh (in another working copy).

>From my point of view, it's easier to set up, it's "built-in" git and vcsh and 
>less error prone (I'm sure I won't ovrride the README because it's not 

My 2 cents :-)

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