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> Hi,
> (I couldn't find this
> on a quick google search, or on github issues search)
> Would it be possible to use a single repo, with each configuration (vim,
> zsh, etc) being a *branch* in that repo, rather than each config being
> its own repo?

If you follow the rule that branches keep track of _distinct_ sets of
files, then merging all branches together does not create conflicts,
and you can use topgit[1] to create a "merge-all" branch with all the

[1] http://repo.or.cz/w/topgit.git

However switching branches would still change the checked-out files,
so while this may work to manage a _copy_ of the dot-files, it is not
suited for live use.

I did some experiments about that in the past but never used this
solution in practice: http://marc.info/?l=vcs-home&m=129968843931609&w=2

I am attaching now the Makefile which I failed to share in that thread
from 2011, I take no responsibility tho, I have not touched that code
in years ;)

Ciao ciao,

Antonio Ospite

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