Marc Haber <> wrote:
> Hi John,
> thanks for sharing your code.

glad to hear it’s been helpful!

> What is exactly the process of bootstrapping? Do you scp the bootstrap
> script to the host and execute it there, or do you start over with
> cloning the repo, checking out the bootstrap branch and then executing
> it?

The bootstrap script is intended to be copied to the install system, and run 
from there. Generally, I just use curl, wget, or even just a browser to grab 
the script.  I do this in manual steps for new physical systems (e.g. new 
laptop), and have automated it for VMs, etc.

>> The mr config lives at `.config/mr`.  Pre-configured repos live at
>> `.config/mr/available.d`, and are symlinked into place to enabled them
>> on a given system in `.config/mr/config.d`.  The symlinks in
>> `config.d` are therefore the default enabled repos.
> And this lives in the master branch of the vcsh-root repo which is
> cloned by

Yes, that’s right.

> Thank you very much. Together with the other examples in this thread
> and RichiH's vcsh_mr_template mentioned in the man page this should
> give me ample supply of things to chew on.

Great.  My repo is effectively a version of RichiH’s template tweaked and 
customized over time to my needs.  So you get to see a baseline with his 
version and an adapted one with mine.


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