On Sat, May 28, 2016 at 01:09:48PM -0700, John Whitley wrote:
> 1) `vcsh pull`, to grab any changes on GitHub not on this host.  This rebases.
> 2) `vcsh push`, and done.
> It’s really rare that I have any conflicts during rebase.  When I do,
> they always tend to be trivial.  Conflicts most commonly happen
> because I forgot to push some important fix from one host and decide
> to rewrite it on another.
> This creates a purely linear history, and I find to be much easier to
> manage than per-host repos, IMO.  No merging to multiple branches, no
> complex history.

This does not keep a backup of the host-specific configuration
though, so you'll need to start over in case of a rebuilt host or a
catastrophic failure. And you cannot start on a new machine with a
100% clone of another host's local configuration because the
host-specific config is not in a central repository.

Is this not an issue for you?


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