also sprach James Westby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.03.17.1018 +0100]:
> It is similar, but there are some differences that I think make it
> more appropriate.
> You may be able to achieve the same abilities with these tools though,
> I'm not experienced with them.

I've been lurking at your mail for a while now and couldn't come up
with a proper response that didn't involve me going out and spend
some time with bzr, which I currently cannot afford.

> Not that I know of yet. The plugin is only a few weeks old. I plan
> to start looking at it more in depth for packaging soon.

The idea of bzr-loom has been around since 2006,
NoMoreSourcePackages was rewritten around the time I decided to
*not* make vcs-pkg my PhD topic.

Anyway, may I suggest the following?

1. let's come up with a few (!) typical packaging scenarios, e.g.
   - Package maintainer is upstream
   - Upstream releases tarballs, patches are sent upstream
   - Upstream uses the same $DVCS as the package maintenance team
   - Upstream uses a different $DVCS

   These are the reference scenarios, which embody the goal of
   vcs-pkg: once we can solve those properly, we succeeded. As such,
   they should respresent reality as closely as possible.

   In all cases, we should consider other distributions
   collaborating on those repos.

2. Proponents of each $DVCS can now present their solutions with an
   (abridged) shell capture approach. James would "answer" with
   bzr(-loom), Pierre or myself or anyone else might present the Git
   approach, John or another mercurial person would offer the hg
   commands, and so on.

3. We can now identify commonalities between the approaches, and
   also commonalities between how the different distros do it.

Does this sound like a plan? If yes, let's come up with the typical
packaging scenarios...

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