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> Are you sure? I suggest you read the discussion logged at
> http://colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_log/git?date=2007-09-06,Thu&sel=578#l979

> The important thing to note is that the current commit of a submodule
> is a feature of the supermodule. If the submodule's repository gets a
> new commit, your submodule clone will *not* be updated until you
> explicitly update it. Once you did that, you *also* have to commit a
> change to the supermodule.

> You may want this just as well, but I feel you need to explicitly
> consider it.

        I have done some experimentation with this, and I can say this
 is a definite feature. I updated my ./debian/common submodule with what
 I thought was a backwards compatible update, but it only happened to be
 backwards compatible for _some_ of my packages.  It was nice to still
 have buildable packages until I make the changes in each package to
 make them work with the new ./debian/common changes.

        Just another data point.

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