also sprach Stéphane Glondu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008.09.25.1538 +0200]:
> I am interested in this list because I am interested in issues
> raised by packaging, and, more generally, in VCSs. I am familiar
> with packaging with subversion (as member of the OCaml Team) and
> git. Our team is slowly migrating to git packaging². In this
> context, I've migrated many repositories of Debian packages from
> svn to git with the help of a (quite dirty, I must admit) script
> of my own (I wasn't satisfied enough with existing ones). This was
> also a way to get more acquainted with svn and git. I still
> haven't adopted a clear workflow for my git packaging, as I am
> trying/using several ones.

Welcome, Stéphane! Thanks for your introduction, and I am looking
forward to learning from your experience.

I am currently all crazy about topgit (0.4 to be uploaded ASAP), and
maybe you want to check it out. The topgit source package contains
a debian/README.source file to explain what I am doing there. There
are still rough edges, but I think it's a pretty nice way of doing

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