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> I've read topgit's README.source. I am currently experimenting with it.
> Is there any other source package using topgit?

None that I know of. It'll be hard to come up with statistics here,
since topgit is neither a build-dependency, nor a special Vcs-*

> A more technical question: what is the difference between "build"
> and "master" branches? IIUC, build is master + serialized patches,
> right? If so, is there any benefit in keeping master?

master is the Debianisation branch which provides ./debian/. All
changes to ./debian/ are done there. It is not serialised,
obviously, but serves as the base for build (it's merged into build
for each new release) and then the patches are modified and

build holds the actual source from which the package was built.
master holds the development line for ./debian/

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