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git-lfs is your friend. And supported natively by GitHub.

Thanks but it seems like a highly undesirable soloution to me.

Firstly it seems to require mangling your git repo. That is going to make
it at best a PITA to use with things like dgit.

I didn't realize it was in upstream. That makes things harder. You might be
able to do something with grafts but I'm not sure if that works for trees.

Secondly AIUI git-lfs stores every version of the file seperately. If so
then one would very quickly blow through the default storage and bandwidth
limitations for githubs lfs offering.

It does. For a changelog file this isn't the right solution.

The right solution is to make sure all the information in the changelog is
converted to commit messages via history rewriting, and then remove that
changelog from the checked in content. This requires forking the repo and
ideally popularizing the cleaned-up fork with the core maintainers so that
it isn't an ongoing maintenance problem. It's painful but it works and
eventually everyone is thankful - I did this with the Perl 5 history. You
could skip the history rewriting and just remove the changelog but then you
have to maintain the maintenance scripts.

Another option would be to ask someone at GitHub to remove this limit for
this repo. Have you tried that?

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