On Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 05:46:14PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Again, I don't follow why `fail' occurs.  You seem to be suggesting
> that importing a .dsc containing a .git would generate ..git.

Correct. I'm suggesting "fail" for the round-tripping - for "git ubuntu
build-source" to "unescape" the ..git. Or if we don't agree, then I
think there are only three reasonable choices: (fail, discard,

I'm suggesting:

1. Interactive use: fail.
2. Non-interactive use ("batch mode", eg. -B like ssh): unescape.

> (I assume that Launchpad would be taught to reject new introductions
> of \.+git other than in security support or ancient branches.)

Agreed - if it doesn't do that already.

> If someone has such an importer-generated tree, containing ..git, they
> can just use it and ignore the ..git.  Surely that's why this is a
> good choice of directory name.


> If there are any non-historical packages containing .git directories,
> we should file bugs and get them fixed.



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