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> Hallo VDE-Users,

Hello Michael,

sorry for the immense delay in this reply.

I'm sure what I'm gonna write is probably useless for you now, but it
might be kept as a reference..

> my problem is to initialize a couple of switches with different vlans
> and port settings, is there an example. I didn't understood the example
> File vdecmd in the doc - Section.

vdecmd is a configuration for unixcmd/utm state machine in order to
process the output of vde tools, if what you want is just a configuration
for vde_switch you can luckily skip those things :)

> I'm using Debian-Lenny  an my first experience was to write a rcfile
> which have one line:
> load /etc/network/switch1.conf
> and the switch1.conf contains
> port/setnumports 100
> vlan/create 11
> port/setvlan  10 11
> port/setvlan  11 11
> port/setvlan  12 11
> If I connect with unixterm, no vlan is set.
> Can someone help me, to understand the initialization of switches in vde

at the moment nesting is not supported so you can't load configuration
files from a configuration file.

you should use /etc/network/switch1.conf as your rcfile


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