Markus Breitländer wrote:
> Hello,
> I am writing a shell script to control/manage VDE networks.
> Listing all running vde_switches was easy, just parsing the process
> information like so:
> ${pgrep} -lf ${vde_switch} | ${grep} -v ${scriptname} | ${awk} '{ print
> $4 }' | cut -d '/' -f 4 | cut -d '.' -f 1 | column
> Now I would like to list all connections between the running
> vde_switches. To connect them i use commands similar to this:
> dpipe \
>         vde_plug -p 2 $VDESWITCH_DIR/sw-vlan.ctl = \
>         vde_plug -p 1 $VDESWITCH_DIR/sw-data.ctl &    

The reason why you aren't finding dpipe in your process list is that the 
command only forks/executes the two plugs connecting each plug's stdout 
to the other stdin and vice versa. You would have to look for the 
plugs,  but the advised method to control the network components is the 
management interface when the switch is started in foreground, or via a 
management socket.

Start your vde_switches with management socket (-M option), connect to 
it (e.g. via vdecmd or unixterm) and use port/allprint command to get 
information about all the running plugs. To kill a cable use 
"port/epclose N ID" on either side. You can also use the 'shutdown' 
command to kill the switch.




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