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Priority: 7
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Submitted By: Daniele Lacamera (danielel)
Assigned to: Francesco Apollonio (lord_dex)
Summary: wirefilter: unsigned long long overflow on delay calculation

Initial Comment:
As wirefilter keeps time in nanoseconds, a uint64 overflow is likely to occur.
Francesco A. aka lord_...@sf, who was investigating on wirefilter lockup for 
his thesis work, discovered this bug and already has a fix.

He is currently preparing a patch for commit. Please add him to the project as 


>Comment By: Luca Bigliardi (shammash)
Date: 2010-10-28 16:25

Hi Francesco,

Thanks for your patch, the changes look good. I've just a note on the
first hunk: theoretically you can still have some overflows on deltat
because it's not unsigned. 

Maybe you should do something like:

if when > now
  return (unsigned long long)when-now
  return 0

Thank you!



Comment By: Francesco Apollonio (lord_dex)
Date: 2010-10-26 14:57


I'm working on my graduation thesis using kvm e vde2 to create a virtual
During my tests frequently wirefilter stopped working, it didn't dequeue
packets because time variables apparently returned back in the past for the
I'm including my proposed patch (that is working properly on testbed). If
it looks good, I would commit it in the next days.



Comment By: Luca Bigliardi (shammash)
Date: 2010-10-25 22:53

Hi Daniele,

I've added Francesco as a developer, he should have svn access now.
I'm leaving the bug open, do be closed once the fix has been submitted.
Feel free to post the proposed patch here if you want to discuss it.



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