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Submitted By: megurikuru  (megurikuru)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Cannot profile application with unmanaged SIGTERM

Initial Comment:
Virtual NetManager (VNM) works together with VDE. When VNM stops running 
sub-programs (wirefilter, vde_switch, etc) sends SIGTERM (15). Inside VDE 
elements, at present, the default action with SIGTERM is to do a cleanup() , 
reattach the default signal management and execute default management of 
SIGTERM, that is SIGKILL. When profiling programs compiled with -gp, a clean 
exit is needed to correctly write the profiling information file (gmon.out). 
That means the program has to do a return from the main or execute exit(int);
I've fixed this doing a "if(sig==SIGTERM) exit(0);" inside the sig_handler 
function of the various programs (vde_switch,wirefilter,etc), just before the 
"kill(getpid(), sig);" line.


Comment By: megurikuru  (megurikuru)
Date: 2010-11-22 21:47

Errata corrige: the line "if(sig==SIGTERM) exit(0);" has to be inserted at
the head of sig_handler function to avoid double cleanup call [this is
because the use of atexit(cleanup); function in main].


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