Hi all!

I am currentry trying to make the Streamdev plugin work, especially in non vdr-vdr setup, but more to establish a general streaming source on my network in order to use PCs and or standalone streaming clients with it, but my mileage is very limited.

In other words:

Sometimes I managed to get a radio channel streamed, sometimes I didn't.

I am currently using vdr 1.4.0 together with a fresh CVS checkout from the CVS at vdr-developer.org (as of yesterday).

Maybe someone could be so kind as to help me with some general information:

1. Does Sascha Volkenandt still develop the plugin? In the README file on the CVS his site http://www.magoa.net/linux/index.php?view=streamdev is still mentioned, but this hasn't been upgraded for quite a while and the move of the CVS to vdr-developer.org looks like someone else has adopted this ??

2. Is this mailing-list an appropriate place to discuss usage and further development of the plugin? I am still struggling to understand how linuxtv.org, vdr-portal.de, vdr-wiki.de and vdr-developer.org relate. Some of them seem to belong together somehow.

3. Is there any documentation except the PROTOCOL and README files in the source tree?

4. Did I understand correctly that the streamdev server can be used in two *different* ways, 1. through the VTP procotol (as described in PROTOCOL), through default port 2004 and 2. independent of VTP through HTTP on port 3000?


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