On Sun, Aug 06, 2006 at 06:45:55PM -0700, CR wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Chris Elsworth wrote:
> > Yes, I read the old mails and found the hue of 0 or 100 suggestion,
> > and tried it (see original mail I posted) and it didn't work. I just
> > tried it again with softdevice from cvs to double check and it didn't
> > have any effect, so maybe I'm running into a slightly different
> > problem.
> >
> > Do you have any suggestions about how I might try to debug it?
> Can you take a look at:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> and let me know if your OSD looks like "softdevice_wrongoverlay1_software"
> or "softdevice_wrongoverlay_software" ?
> I think the problem lies in the code that alpha blends the OSD with the
> video image.  Changing the HUE setting for me had no effect either.  I
> notice the OSD becomes "strange" once any video is playing.  Until then
> the OSD looks fine...


Hmm, mine look different from all your examples.

This is the pink, incorrect display:

When changing to this channel, vdr says:
Aug  7 04:12:57 media vdr: [1191] [VideoOut]: 720x576 [90,0 540x576] -> 
1024x768 [128,0 768x768]

This is a correct display:

And when changing to this channel, vdr says:
Aug  7 04:13:29 media vdr: [1197] [VideoOut]: 720x576 [0,0 720x576] -> 1024x768 
[0,0 1024x768]

Another incorrect:

And the log:
Aug  7 04:14:35 media vdr: [1216] [VideoOut]: 704x576 [0,0 704x576] -> 1024x768 
[0,0 1024x768]

Screenshots were made with ksnapshot. The only correlation I can make
so far is that lower resolutions seem to present the problem?

I have to use softdevice with software alpha blending; if I use
pseudo, it only appears for one frame every second. I'm having trouble
getting xineliboutput to build so I can test it.


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