Udo Richter wrote:

> The primary device should be available for live viewing as long as 
> possible. Even if I do a recording, the primary device should be 
> available for channel switching, and not requiring transfer mode. 
> Recording is the job of the budget card.

Hmm, it's not that easy because it ignores the original intention of 
this thread. It makes no sense that a CAM budget card is always used to
record a free channel, which makes it impossible to view and/or record 
encrypted channels at the same time. A CAM is a valuable resource, 
wasting it is obviously a bad idea.

If it's really of general interest to reserve a FF card as long as 
possible (it looks this feature was requested to workaround very 
specific hardware problems), I'd vote for a new VDR preference setting 
to control the device priority, instead of any hardcoded recipe.



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